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Mike Murray


I totally agree with your statement that "cooperation is key." It seems to me that the CWE Ass'n. and or the bicycle police in the area can encourage establishments and their patrons to abide by the five feet of navigable sidewalk that city ordinance requires. We thoroughly enjoy the vitality and diversity of the outdoor dining experience in the CWE and have generally found that recommendations to area businesses have been met with utmost cooperation. We don't want to go the extreme that Clayton went to in banning plastic chairs! We CAN all get along.

All IMHO of course.

Mike Murray

Mary Engelbreit

I'm a big fan of the enclosures--- otherwise the tables and chairs seem to quickly get out of control!

Aaron Williams

I have photos of those overflowing trash cans outside Starbucks and others. I don't know how a wheelchair bound person makes it through the sidewalk maze on any given summer night. But sidewalk tables do make the CWE appear lively and I do like sitting outside. I think one viable solution is to do away with a single lane of parking to enlarge the sidewalk 1/2 a lane width on each side. I think having a neighborhood "surcharge" on disposable beverage cups to pay for sidewalk recycling bins and service would help the overflowing issue.

Mary Cooper

I walk in the mornings and have noticed very dirty sidewalks on the SubZero and Culpeppers areas. The 4900 block Maryland restaurants and retail have a daily power wash, but not east of Euclid.

Lyda Krewson

I think most CWE residents and visitors love the outdoor dining options. But as expressed above, there are issues which arise with too much of a good thing.

Todd Waelterman - Dir of Streets has agreed that Street Dept will visit each business this spring at the start of outdoor dining season, to remind them of the conditions required by the permit that allows them the privilege of using the public sidewalk - this includes maintaining a 5 foot clear walkway.

If there are specific situations that you want his dept to follow up on, you may file a complaint with the Citizens Service Bureau at 314-622-4800or even better, take a picture with your smart phone and report it on line at http://stlouis-mo.gov (begin with the "Request a City Service" box to the right)Or report it on Twitter - @stlcsb.

I am confident we can improve the pedestrian access... while still enjoying the outside dining. I am also always happy to hear from you directly. My cell is 607 3452.

Thanks Lyda Krewson
Alderman 28th Ward

Michele Noble

Last year I contacted Lyda Krewson about the encroaching sidewalk tables in the CWE. She basically told me that there was no way to police the required codes about keeping a certain walkway open. This topic needs more discussion and not just a brush off because it is a serious safety issue.

Lyda Krewson

Michelle... see my post above please. I wrote it a couple of days ago but it was hung up in 'cybershpere'.

Thanks Lyda 314 607 3452

Don Ward

Isn't the 4600 block of Maryland the only real problem in the neighborhood? I suppose Drunken Fish might also be a problem.

I really don't see Bar Italia as a problem.

The sidewalk in front of Brennan's and FroYo has just been completely taken over by the businesses. Nothing is more annoying than that barrel table Brennan's puts out in warm weather.

I have had VERY GOOD luck with the Citizen's Service Bureau that Lyda handily references above. I send them complaints via twitter @stlcsb and always received prompt responses. I think we need to make a point of being vigilant this year about alerting them to violations of the 5 foot rule. I will be snapping iPhone pics and tweeting @stlcsb with the pics.


Don: Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, and information on tweeting to the Citizens Service Bureau. If we stay on this issue we can hope things will change.

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